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Aegean Cocktails & Spirits™

“Aegean Cocktails & Spirits™” an initiative to reposition Greek spirits. 

A case study on inspiration;  how local and vastly overlooked Spirits can make an amazing comeback, by becoming part of the Bar scene. A brief review of a Marketing Strategy entirely based upon localization and its elements : History & Heritage  -  Quality -  Community  - Craftsmanship.

•             better understand the potential of tangible (quality-wise) and intangible (history / heritage wise) elements of localization 

•             be informed on how localization and unique local quality products can become a significant USP on a globalized market

•             be reminded to fill pride and responsibility at the same time, because as professionals and trendsetters have the ability of  changing culture from within, assimilating positive elements from local traditions for the benefit of the community and the society.

Bartenders as global citizens, professionals and trend-setters, have travel to far-away places, constantly seeking for new experiences, new ideas and -in some cases- new cultures. However, the more exposed they become to new ideas, experiences & cultures, the more they develop an increasing sense of self:  Identity, national pride, appreciation of local culture, local spirits, local ingredients.

if this feeling sounds familiar , then you are part of what it is called Lobalization mechanism. An integration of global force with local values, a process that promotes the repositioning of local spirits in order to support local communities and producers worldwide. A trend of re-discovering old methods, techniques & practices that are not necessarily obsolete, on the contrary, in most cases are proven to be non-intrusive, eco-friendly and self-sustainable.  Re-establishing  a craftsmanship culture that has been developed through prolonged periods of trial and error and eventually could adapt in order to address on a global market  .

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