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Denny studied Marketing Management and completed a Masters Degree in Media Communications in the City University of  London. She is a journalist, the Initiator &  Founder of Metron Ariston- Making Responsibility a Trend, a Partner of the Difford’s Guide Greece, founder of Aegean Cocktails & Spirits, co-organizer of the Athens Rum & Whisky Festival and co-organizer of the Cyprus Cocktail Festival.
Until 2002 she worked as a project manager in the Congress Department of Labrakis Press, being in charge of the account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , organizing Summit Meetings held in Greece.

In 2003 she challenged herself by leaving her career for her passion. Food & Drinks and  became active in journalism, writing about Food, Wine &  Spirits as an editor or editor in chief  for the most important newspapers & publications in Greece.

Moreover, she has been for many consecutive years member of the Toq d’Or Awards, of The Gourmet Awards and has been judge at various national and international wine and cocktail competitions. 

Being a dreamer and idealist  she founded Aegean Cocktails & Spirits an initiative with the objective to reposition Greek spirits, placing them in the bar. To help Bartenders discover the importance of localization, and help Greek bartenders recognize their responsibility in the promotion of Greek Products. Thus,  helping  local communities, producers and consumers to believe in the quality of local spirits and products.

The next step is Metron Ariston-Making Responsibility a Trend. An initiative aiming to promote responsibility by the trade, to the trade and the society in the fields of Responsible Drinking, Sustainability, Localization & support to the Community. Metron Ariston’s originality is that the trade itself will become the influencers that will promote responsibility in the younger members of our society.


As for the rest Denny leaves to travel, to experience, to create, to dream. Since 18 she has been traveling around the world tasting.


“Metron Ariston – making responsibility a trend” non-profit civil partnership, is an independent organization that follows the principles of transparency, neutrality and accountability, having people and their needs,  society at the core of the programs it develops, regardless of gender, origin, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual orientation .

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