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Initiator & Co-Founder 


Dimitris is the Initiator & Co-Founder of Metron Ariston- Making Responsibility a Trend and Marketing Director of the Aegean Cocktails & Spirits initiative.

He has a MS in Marketing, while as an Adjunct and Affiliate (non Tenure) Professor of Biology he is collaborating since 1993 with Universities and Scientific Associations in Greece and abroad. He is a member of the PanHellenic Union of Bioscientists since early '90s,  while since 2003 he is appointed as Critical Reviewer on behalf of Virginia Journal of Sciences, on areas relevant to ecology.

He has a proven track record of 20 years of experience and delivering excellence in the highly competitive sector of Marketing Research,

Currently operates as a freelance Marketing Auditor on behalf of Committees and Third Parties in Southeast Europe

He has worked  as Director of the Quantitative Division in Centrum Research, and as Southeast Europe’s  Marketing Group Specialist  for Research International Greece (reporting to RI’s headquarters - London UK)

Under this role he developed an integral approach of Demographic trends and Purchasing Behaviors (Estonia 2005). 

Furthermore, he optimized and adapt several  statistical methodologies  i.e. self-weighted samples on Neyman Allocation Stratified Sampling (on behalf of European Mail Regulatory Authorities - EU Standard BS EN 13850:2002), and contribute in the development of proprietary Marketing Research techniques such as "Fair Share" normalization method for Dieageo UK, etc.

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